Monthly Menu Plan/Dinner Ideas

January/February  Dinner Ideas
1.  turkey dinner
2.  turkey dinner leftovers
5.   crockpot Lasagna leftovers
6.  tacos
7.  Leftovers
8.  pot roast w/ pototoes and carrots onions
9.  Chili and baked potatoes
10.  chicken pot pie (or turkey pot pie)
11.  Homemade pizza (with spinach) & veggies on the side
14.  Leftovers (pulled pork)
15.   hamburgers and zucchini cakes (pinterest)
18.  Breakfast dinner (eggs, omelets, bacon)
19.   pizza and veggies
20.  Roast beef (from the can) over egg noodles or rice or mashed potatoes.
21.  Leftovers 
24.  dinner out somewhere
27.  Swamp Soup Leftovers
28.   leftovers or something 🙂  
29.  Shepherd’s Pie
30. Spaghetti and meatballs  

This is what we’ll be eating for the next month – mostly.  I’m sure I’ll look at the list and nothing will appeal to me at some point, but I am trying a lot of new recipes this month.  

Eric and I are watching our calories and I figure we can try some of these new, lower calorie/healthier dinners.  Of course, some are not SO healthy, but they will work. 🙂  

I might throw in THIS  or THIS as a side dish here and there.  Yummy!  Pinterest is super awesome, just had to share that. lol  

PS.  Don’t forget about the GIVEAWAY!!  Tomorrow is the drawing!!


2 thoughts on “Monthly Menu Plan/Dinner Ideas

  1. Menu planning is a weakness of mine. That I really want to be better at. I think it is great that you have shared your months worth of ideas. I am starting with 2 weeks. Then going to build towards months worth of menus.

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