Weekend In Review

1.  It was a very nice and cozy weekend at home!  Friday we had a snowstorm come through and got quite a few inches of snow – I’m thinking about 5″.  Though I didn’t really measure it, so I could be wrong.

2. I made a delicious ham dinner.  It’s a shame my kids are so picky, but they had to eat some anyway.  Eric and I enjoyed it!  In the evening I made chocolate chip cookies for the kids and enjoyed

3.  Saturday wasn’t very eventful.  We had breakfast, watched tv, played video games.  By we, I mean the hubby and kids.  I planned school for this week.  It was nice to have it done on Saturday!

4.  We went to church yesterday morning.  Great service/sermon!  It was so good to see Bob Barley and he shared a very touching story about his father in law’s passing.  So sad and so very neat that they were there to see him pass into heaven.  Pastor had  a great message from Luke 7 about the woman that washed Jesus’ feet with her tears and hair.  Very insightful!

5.  Sunday afternoon we had to go to the store (Sam’s) because I had some printer paper, some art paper for the kids and then I got some new Rubbermaid Containers!  I got the “Premier” set!  I haven’t had any new container sets since we got married, so it was about time!  I’m just going to burn my old stuff!  I love how the new containers are so neatly stack-able!

6.  Eric was going to plow the driveway, but realized he could not because mice got in and chewed the plastic of the battery wires.  The battery could not work the plow because it is pretty much dead.  What a mess those rotten little rodents cause!  So our driveway is not plowed and I’m a little afraid to go down that thing (more than usual, lol).  I’m hoping the 50* temps today help melt it off quick, but I doubt it.

7.  Cleaned the chicken coop out yesterday and was going to burn a huge pile of stuff in the basement, but the burning didn’t happen.  I figured out that Patch is now the bully rooster in the coop.  He doesn’t let Shoe come down from the roost for very long.  Shoe has been a meanie in the past, but I feel bad for him if he can’t eat or drink.  It’s quite interesting to see the dynamics in the chicken coop change.  I think they are going a little stir crazy, too.

Today we have a case of the Mondays.  I have been banging my head on the table and crying right along with the kids today.  I feel like such a failure in the homeschool department.  Many reasons for it, too. We’re taking a lunch break and a much needed break from our schoolwork.  It has been a LONG morning (though now it’s afternoon).

I’m to visit Rose today, but I am not sure if I’m brave enough to slide down the driveway.  I’ll have to check it out before I decide.  The post office is holding some books for me there (they don’t even try our driveway in the winter and hardly try it in the summer).  Yay for winter in the woods on the “mountain.”

Eric pointed out to me that this is a grocery week, so I should probably sit down and make a menu/grocery list some time soon.  Now on to lunch and the rest of the day!


3 thoughts on “Weekend In Review

  1. Sounds like it was a great weekend. So sorry to hear your school day was not well. Ugh, so understand. I think it is the cabin fever.

    It is grocery week for me too. My boys are at my Dad's for a computer class, the girls cleaned their room {amazingly well}, I organized a bathroom drawer that was bothering me and now I need to get to some laundry and make a grocer list. Always something to do.

    Praying tomorrow is a better day for you and the kids.!

  2. you are not a failure. Sometimes you have to readjust what you are doing. But from what I have read you have a great plan for your children. don't be so hard on yourself. You are doing just fine.

    sounds like you had a good weekend. I understand the picky eater thing.

    Today is going to be a better day!

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