Weekly Wrap-Up

Week 20
What a rough week this past week of school was for us!  Ok, mainly it was rough for Nathan and Ryan and I.  Grace had a great week of school.  I almost feel like I need to get her something more to work on, but I’m just not sure what right now.  
Nathan had a rough week with his math lesson 24, so next week he’ll be doing some practice pages and we’ll work things out that way.  He just doesn’t seem to pay attention to adding/multiplying.  He often adds or multiplies when it should be the opposite.  It’s frustrating, so I’m hoping next week will be a better week for him.  Maybe we’ll move some math problems to the whiteboard and see how he does with them.  
He got an 82% on his adverb test and a 95% on his science test and an 85% on his spelling test yesterday.  He did quote Exodus 20:12 and this past week we talked about obedience and Jonah and also how we are to be obedient to God.  It was a great week in the Bible study department.  
Ryan’s math wasn’t near as frustrating as Nathan’s, but he really, really needs to learn his multiplication tables and that’s my fault for not going over them with him as much as he needs.  He did good with a 90% on his test.  He is continueing with his Explode the Code book and does pretty good with it, most of the time.  I can tell when he’s not paying much attention to the work in there, but that doesn’t happen too often.  He also quoted Exodus 20:12 and did a great job!
Spelling was another story this week for him.  Where he had a pretty good week last week, this week way totally hard for him.  It’s not that the words are hard even – neck and pick are a couple he missed on his test.  I am not sure how else to help him on this – we do fingergrams and break the words down when we do dictation on Mon/Tues and talk them over and spell them over and over.  We just press on and keep working through.  It’s just frustrating for both of us – a lot sometimes.  Explode the Code even reinforces some of these rules and words.  Please pray for wisdom and how to best help Ryan out!  I do ask this from time to time and I do appreciate those that do pray!  
Grace did fantastic in her Math this week.  She took her 3rd unit test and then finished a whole lesson and was done with math for the week on Wednesday.  She got a 100% on her unit test and 90% on her lesson 24 test. She also missed 5 out of her 20 words on her spelling test yesterday.  She’s doing very good with the subject – usually.  She’s improved a lot in her reading and loves to figure out words.  Her Explode the Code and Cursive Writing are also  coming along well.  She will just write different words in cursive from time to time in any of her subjects (except Math, of course) and you can read what she wrote!  🙂  She also quoted her Exodus 20:12 verse and colored some beautiful purple horse pictures.  She loves horses!  Maybe I’ll have her work on a lapbook for horses . . .  there’s an idea!
This week we finished reading through The Founding of the United States Experience 1776-1815 book, so we will do some work sheet pages I have found from some internet sites and watch some other history related documentaries for reinforcement!  
We have not been hitting science much at all lately. I need to fix that soon!

All of them are doing pretty good in their cursive handrwriting books!  Ryan finished his book, Nathan is nearly finished with his book and Grace has to go through and write her sentences now and is doing a great job with those, too!  Nathan can write in cursive neatly, if he wants to.  Ryan is very meticulous with his cursive and Grace is in between, but I think it’s because she’s getting the hang of connecting her letters together as words.

Friday, January 20th also was our 96th day of school!!  

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up

  1. Wow, your children are really doing well with their tests! Way to go! 🙂

    I bought a DVD called “Times Tales” for my one son so he could have some reinforcement with his multiplication tables. My 2nd grade daughter now knows all of her times tables just from watching with him! They are presented through song and really cute stories that the kids remember. I am not a paid spokesperson for the company, lol, just thought I'd pass along my experience. 🙂

    Congrats on almost hitting the 100 mark! 🙂

    Have a great weekend.
    Many blessings,
    (visiting from WUH)

  2. Hi Lisa!
    Thanks and I'll check out that DVD! He definitely needs the help and I think it would really benefit all 3 of them! 🙂

    Yeah, they generally test ok. My middle son is not usually my best tester (especially with spelling, especially this week, ugh). We don't really keep too many records of test grades. I write some of them down in the homeschool log so it is information in their portfolios. They are actual grades, but I don't really emphasize them too much. As long as they are learning . . .

    Thanks again for the DVD idea!
    Have a great weekend, too!

  3. I was looking at the Times Tales DVD the other day… that has never been something I was good at drilling into them and it shows.

    And science is the most skipped subject in our school… expect for second son, but he wants to be a zookeeper so he LOVES it.

    Hope next week goes better!

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