Weekly Wrap-Up

Week 19
Last week was just another typical, sort of productive week of school at our place.  We’re definitely in school mode and have recovered from vacation.  
Bible – Last week we talked about modesty and how we need to dress so we honor God and the kid’s learned Proverbs 11:22 “As a jewel of gold in a swine’s snout, so is a fair woman which is without discretion.”  We talked about how silly it is to put a jewel or gold ring in a snout’s nose and how silly is is for us to not dress to honor God.  Dressing decently – boys and girls.  This coming week we’ll be talking about obedience!
Math – most weeks are so redundant, I’ve noticed.  The kids do a Math lesson each week and test on Friday.  Last week they did pretty good on their tests.  All 3 passed!
Grammar – Nathan is the only one with Grammar and he learned about Adverbs last week.  He was learning about degrees of comparison and how you can figure out comparative or superlative.  We walked through it verbally on Thursday and it finally clicked – he struggled Mon – Wed with it.  Yay!
Explode the Code – Grace and Ryan did rather well working through their assigned pages last week.  Nothing overly exciting to report on here, but this subject helps them both with their reading and writing skills.  It also reinforces some of their spelling rules.  
Spell to Write and Read – last week was a good week for Nathan.  He was bummed because he missed one word on his spelling test on Friday.  I encourage him that missing one word – while not perfect – is really good!  He finished section T-4 and those words aren’t all easy.   Ryan and Grace finished L-1.  Grace missed 2 words and Ryan missed 3.  Ryan was so upset by this.  : /  I told him he is doing so much better this year, because he really is!  He used to miss 5 or more words per test and has been missing under 5 a lot of times this year.  It’s not totally clicking with him, but he’s getting there.  I’m praying the connection happens soon and he just takes off with it.  If not, we’ll just continue working through and practice, practice, practice!  
 Science – Nathan finished up to page 75a in his Creation or Evolution book last week.  This week he’ll be taking a unit test.  Ryan and Grace didn’t do anything for science last week.  This week they’re going to work on snap circuits and have fun with those.  
History – Last week we read through a couple pages (52- 53) of The Founding of the United States Experience and watched Lewis and Clark (National Geographic Channel version) on Netflix.  We tried watching the PBS Lewis and Clark video, but it was 3 1/2 hours and I’d lose the kids on it, lol.  Saw that Nat. Geo. one was shorter, so we watched that instead. 🙂  
Art and Music – Nothing much happened in these subjects last week.  Some coloring was done and Ryan drew a picture.  Music wasn’t really much of anything last week, but Grace did download a neat program to her Nintendo DSi and she can play classic music pieces.  She really enjoys that!  
The one evening we were sitting around the table and watching the news and they were talking about the National Debt.  The kids didn’t really understand it, so Eric simplified it some without going into how interest works and all that.  He said “Say you have $10 each month, but you have a credit card and spend $30 each month.  Do you have enough money to pay that credit card bill each month?”    Eric’s discussion was more in-depth, but I can’t remember it all now.  The lights came on in Nathan and Ryan and you could tell they started to understand (a little) what the news was talking about.  Nathan pretty much figured out that his future is kinda bleak looking with that kind of debt hanging over our heads.  It’s sad when you really think about it and they aren’t changing their ways in Washington either.  But anyway, that’s another post for another time.  
On to a new week of school! 🙂  

2 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up

  1. sounds like a fun filled week that was filled not only with great learning, but new revelations (and understanding too!) Good job Mama.

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted

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