Weekly Wrap-Up

Week 18
This past week of school was mostly a review week AND it was fun! 
It was a 4 day school week.  Monday and Tuesday the kids did some Math drill pages from the www.mathusee.com site.  Thursday and Friday we read and worked our way through a book called Math Curse   .  Math problems applied to every day life in a fun way was so fun!  The kids just loved it!  
We read about Lewis and Clark in our history books and started watching a documentary about it.  We’ll finish the documentary this coming week.  
Spelling was review of phonograms last week.  We had review days and quiz days.  Amazing how much some remember and some forget.  Whew! 🙂  They also did testing to see how they are doing.  Nathan and Grace are doing fine and are on target.  Ryan is still struggling, but we’ll press on anyway!  
Nathan continued his studies in Grammar (adverbs – to what extent) and Creation or Evolution.  
Our daily Bible studies consisted of reviewing previously learned Bible character studies and Scripture verses.  
Ryan and Grace are working through their Explode the Code books and doing pretty good.  They both have their days, then again, we all have our days!
This week is back to our regular school work schedule!  Praying it’s a good one! 🙂  

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