Organizing My Life in 2012

I honestly don’t even know where to start on organizing my life this year.  There’s a lengthy list I need to work on starting off with:

1. walk with God. More prayer time and reading/learning His Word and walking closer to Him than I ever have.  I’ve been working on memorizing Colossians, but am currently taking a break from it.  Thank you for understanding, Cindy!   Your encouragement and friendship is such a blessing.

2. to be here for my children and husband more than ever.  That’ll mean a lot less time on the internet.  Seriously, I waste way too much time.  Funny how if I’m not wasting time with one thing, it’s with other things.

3. better health – a friend posted  this link to a Free Calorie Counter, etc at and I’m going to look into that for Eric and I this year.  I have to sign up and get started, but it couldn’t hurt.  If you want to be my friend on there, I’m Emily3314. 🙂
4.  Work on my Mommytography 101 Homework Assignments.  Gotta get better at using my camera!   🙂  I am going for the daily photographs on my Photography Adventure blog.  If you don’t see many posts here, do know there is going to be a photo each day on my photo blog. (that is my goal)

Other things that aren’t so important to name right now and are just little things I’d like to do if I don’t have time or if I use my time more wisely.  These aren’t exactly resolutions, just goals that I truly need to work on in the days, weeks and months ahead.

I’m also going to merge my homeschool blog with this blog once I figure out how that works.  If anyone has any pointers, please do share!!  Thanks!   It’s just too crazy trying to run 3 different blogs.  🙂  Imagine that, huh?

Have a Happy New Year growing in the Lord!


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