Weekly Wrap-Up

Last week was week 17 and we finished up our official school work for the year.  The end of last week was awful for me since I had a migraine for 3 days in a row (2 of those being school days).  I was just glad to be done with tests and the school work!  Everyone did pretty good with their tests and are so glad to have time off!

This week was to be a week of fun stuff, but I seem to have come down with a sore throat that is going around in the family.  We’re having our Advent devotions each day.  Yesterday the kids did some Christmas copywork.  We haven’t started our Christmas lapbook yet, but maybe we’ll work on it later today when the kids are kinda bored and don’t have anything going on.

They really love the days where nothing is planned at all.  Kind of goes against my “I have a plan” thing.  I always have ideas and things I would love to do, but they aren’t always so thrilled about it.  Guess they aren’t so crafty – except for Grace. 🙂  Of course, I think artsy is a little different than crafty.  Ryan is definitely artsy and does ok with crafts.  He’d much rather draw.  Nathan would rather animate things on his nintendo DSi.  He’s good at working with those sprites.  I didn’t know what a sprite was until he told me and showed me.  This is where you can learn more about a SPRITE if you’re like me and only thought it was a drink. 😉

Have a Merry Christmas!



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