An Ode to My Husband

 Dear Husband of Mine, for 13 years now.
Who had a mustache, but is clean shaven , wow!
(the power of a woman)
 Here we are, when we weren’t really dating. 
But we were really good friends and it was worth the waiting.
One of my favorite wedding pictures of that
fine December 3rd day (13 years ago).
It’s a smoochy, smoochy photo
Hip Hip Hooray!
This was taken on our honeymoon, 
In Gettysburg, PA.
My husband looks handsome and we’ll 
just not comment on my hat.
It doesn’t rhyme, I can’t help it. 🙂
This is us earlier this year (I think).
My husband is silly, but I sure will keep him.
He’s kind and sweet and honest and is truly my best friend.
The key to a good marriage is keeping Christ first.
Then being kind to each other and respecting each other.
Honoring each other and loving each other. 
Allowing each other to be who you are is important, too.
Having fun and playing games
 and being competitive and being cooperative.
There are hard times.
Stressful times.
Cranky times.
These are important, too.
They keep us humble and looking inward
and seeing if Christ is still center.
I’m so thankful for this man that God gave to me and
look forward to spending the rest of my life with him.
It has been such a joy so far!

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