Photography Class

Yesterday I mentioned that I’d be looking forward to today and I had such a fun time with my first photography class – online!  I learned a few things about taking pictures and will be working on the new found knowledge in the weeks and months to come!

There is another class – Mommytography 101-B that I will be taking some time early next year.  If you’re interested in these classes click on this link:  Mommytography
Pricing and Classes are listed on the page.
Tracy is a great teacher and I appreciate what she had in the class for today!
I’m also looking forward to 101-B where you get into the camera and how to use it.
My camera is a big girl camera and I have a lot to learn, so the money is well spent!

That’s what I’m thankful for this next-to-the-last-day-of- November!

PS.  If you decide to take the class because of this post about it, do put me down as a referral! 🙂


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