Hunting and Such

This first day of rifle season in PA wasn’t as loud as usual.  It normally sounds like a battle is raging around here. It must have been the weather. While warm, it was rather rainy this morning.  Eric and Ryan didn’t go hunting until this afternoon.  Eric’s not a fan of sitting in the rain, even if it is in the 50’s.

The most buck we saw today was around our house this morning.  I heard a shot fired pretty close, so I look out the back to the neighbor’s field and see my buck friend from THIS POST (first picture) running for his life.  He took off through the neighbor’s property to the left of our house (this would be left while looking out our back window).

After a little while I heard another gun shot and figured someone must have got the fella.  While all this was going on a doe and her young’un were bedded down about 10 feet into the neighbor’s woods (also to the left).  They were wise and stayed until the fellas that shot at the buck came through trying to find him.  Don’t know if anyone actually shot him dead or if he got away injured.

My boys didn’t see anything at their hunting spot in the woods behind Eric’s parents.  Nothing, just deer ticks.  Lots of deer ticks. They are just plain gross.  I only found 1 on Ryan and it hadn’t found a place to latch on him.  Whew!

Maybe there will be another successful day in the next week or so.  Guess we’ll find out!

The Such part of my title is that I got school planned for the week – this morning!  Yay!  Of course, it’s only a 4 day week, but I’m hoping it’s a good one after so much time off!  I’m looking forward to our modified school schedule this time of the year.  It’s always refreshing for myself and I’m praying it’s that way for my kiddos, too!

Today I think I melted my mother in laws ears off her head. She was probably glad I left after all the blabbing I did! 🙂  

I didn’t get chased by my rooster today – he just plain hates me now.  The feeling is mutual though.  He shouldn’t try to attack the one that feeds him!  Anyway, not being chased by my rooster is a plus, but that’s also because the chickens stayed in the coop today.  They were rather freaked out by the gunfire this morning and were just clucking up a storm for the longest time while in their coop.    We figured for their safety they should stay in today.  They like to roam to the neighbor’s field and that wouldn’t be good on a hunting day.

I’m so looking forward to tomorrow!
Of course, I’ll post about it tomorrow.
Night, night!


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