Thinking Ahead

I’ve been giving school some thought for the next several weeks.  We’re celebrating Advent this year, as I posted  on Strobel’s Happenings .  It’s something I know I enjoyed last year and am looking forward to doing it again this year.

Since we’re going to be focusing on Christ and the reason He came to earth in these next 4 weeks, we’re going to continue doing our main school subjects (Math, Grammar, Spelling, Explode the Code and Cursive) and just hold off in our regular Bible Character Studies until after Christmas, as well as History and Science.

We’ll work on memorizing the Christmas story in Luke 2 this coming month and do art/crafts related to the Christmas season. I’m rather excited about this plan and will sit and figure out the details some time tomorrow!

Of course, I’ll post our weekly wrap-up on Friday and see how week 1 until Christmas goes! 🙂

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