One Turkey of a Story

This story starts on Tuesday, November 22, 2011.  I was busy baking apple pies for Thanksgiving Day.  My oven has never given me problems, so I didn’t really think anything of it this day – except that I was having a bad cooking day.  My first apple pie crust was starting to burn within the first 10 minutes of cooking, so I covered the pie for the rest of the baking time and it turned out ok.  A little later in the afternoon I cooked my 2nd apple pie.  I just started baking it covered in foil.  Then after a half hour or so I thought I would cook it the final 15 minutes to brown the crust and finish cooking the apples.  This pie ended up being a burnt offering to the Lord.  🙂  It wasn’t totally ruined and I’m thankful my crusts turn out nice and flaky so I could flake off some of the burned stuff.  It was edible and I was thankful for that.

Meanwhile, the Thanksgiving turkey was taken out of the fridge to thaw out.  It was a solid rock on Tuesday, so I just had to get it out to thaw.  Just so you know, this turkey was important because it was one for Eric’s family’s Thanksgiving get together.  I was looking forward to baking this bird, too!

Wednesday comes along and I’m baking some Caramel Stuffed Apple Cider Cookies and Neiman Marcus Chocolate Chip cookies.   The first batch of cookies I made was the Cider Cookies and they turned out pretty good.  The next batch of cookies I had no idea what was happening with them.  The first dozen burned on the top.  I had no idea what was going on with my oven, really.  I figured out how to make the oven work correctly by making some adjustments and managed to cook the rest of the cookies made without burning them.  Whew.

Eric came home that evening and figured out what the problem with the oven was and told me it was the temperature sensor.  Uh oh, this complicated the entire turkey baking process.  I went to the store and bought an oven thermometer, so I could know how hot it was in there.  Figured I would stay up and baby sit the oven.

My alarm was set for 2:30am and I got up and finished prepping the turkey while the oven was warming up.  It was in by 2:45, center rack of the oven and seemingly not that hot.  After about 10 minutes, I noticed smoke coming out from under the roaster lid.  The turkey was in an oven bag, but I was curious about the smoke, so I pulled it out of the oven.

To my horror the oven bag was starting to melt to the lid of the roasting pan!  I started going into hysterics and went to get Eric up so he could help me figure it out.  I was crying and nauseous.  What a mess!  We, well Eric actually, worked on keeping the oven at a normal temperature.  It was ok around 350* for a bit, but  the temperature started rising to 400* and I just couldn’t have that happen and it wasn’t going to regulate at all.

I am ever so thankful for my niece and her cell phone addiction.  She has had friends call her in the middle of the night, so I thought maybe I could call her and see if I could borrow her parent’s oven.  God bless her, she answered her cell phone at 3am!!  Told me to come on over and she set her oven so it was ready when I got there around 3:30am.  I love you, Kari!!  You did save Thanksgiving! 🙂

We worked quickly and put the turkey in another oven bag and had it in the oven and it cooked until 8:30 or so Thanksgiving morning.  My brother in law put it in the cooler and loaded it up for our ride up north.  We left our home around 9am and made it up to Eric’s uncle’s some time after 10am.  It was still hot when we got there.  Turned out delicious!

It’s a Thanksgiving I’ll always remember.
Never forget.
Always be thankful for!

Thanksgiving day itself was a gorgeous day!  It’s always wonderful to see family!  The weather was perfectly warm for November!  The kids always enjoy seeing their cousins and playing the afternoon away.  In the evening we visit my parent’s and my brother and sister, their spouses and families!


5 thoughts on “One Turkey of a Story

  1. Whew Emily! I was biting my fingernails there for a minute while reading. I'm sure you won't forget this Thanksgiving 🙂 So glad everything turned out alright and glad you had a nice holiday with your families.

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