Thanksgiving is always so much fun!  In the morning we leave and head up north to Eric’s aunt and uncle’s for our yearly Thanksgiving family get together.  We have our noon time turkey dinner in Bill’s workshop.  Of course, before lunch everyone is nibbling at the delicious food sitting around.  You just can’t help it. 🙂

At noon, the food is ready and the prayer is said and we all dig in!  We eat and eat and eat some more.  You just have to make a couple trips to sample everything.  Of course, there is always a lot of chatting going on!  It’s always great to see family we haven’t seen for a while.  Definitely my favorite part of Thanksgiving!

After the mean is scarfed and cleaned up we break up and do any number of things.  Napping. Football. Games. Crafts for the kids and adults. More food later in the afternoon.

We go to my parent’s house in the late afternoon, early evening.  It’s always a little crowded, but it’s nice to see the family!  More talking and more eating.  Yes, we have another turkey dinner . . . and yes, I am always stuffed just like a turkey!    It’s always great to hang out with my family for the evening.

Then after we have overeaten, we roll out to our vehicle and head home for a night of rest/indigestion! 🙂

I’m very thankful we get to have such a full day with our families!

And to you, my blog readers, however many of you actually read this drivel,

Have a


Enjoy the day with your families!
God bless!


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