Weekly Wrap Up

Ryan worked on this the other day.
Star Wars “snowflakes.”
The one on the right isn’t quite right, but that’s ok.
Cutting those things aren’t easy!
The kids did a lot of work this week!  They all completed their usual Math lesson, all doing well on their tests today. 
Nathan reviewed his Adjective End of the Unit section and tested today.  He got a 90% on his test. Yay! 
Grace and Ryan worked on their Explode the Code books and did pretty good with the pages completed in their books.
Spelling:  Nathan missed one word on his test today, but he really enjoyed his lesson this week.  He finished section S (6 lessons in that section) and will start Section T (5 lessons) after our week of vacation.  Ryan and Grace finished section K-4 this week.  Ryan always struggles some.  I think he sometimes confuses himself when it comes to taking a spelling test.  He did rather well the other day on a phonogram quiz.  He missed 4 out of 30 phonograms – that is a good thing for him!  We obviously spend a lot of time on this subject.
Wednesday they always go play at their cousin’s for the afternoon and they  keep quite busy there.  I consider that some of their “phys. ed.”  My nephew is in the Civil Patrol, so I think he has the boys do some drills, lol.  Grace helps entertain my sister-in-law’s mom (she has dementia, I do believe).  She just LOVES Grace and looks forward to spending time with her.  It’s really very sweet.
Nathan is continuing working through his Creation vs. Evolution Science book and seems to be enjoying the study.
I’ve been focusing on Spell to Write and Read so much with Ryan (mostly) and Grace that science has been shelved for a bit.  I’m thinking after the new year we’ll pick up the subject again.
History is something we are continuing to read through.  I think we’re close to finishing page 50 in our book. Mostly we read the history and sometimes we re-enforce our readings with some pages from the Internet or a video. 
Bible:  We learned about being humble this week and the kids learned James 4:6:   “But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.”  
We are taking our “fall break” next week!  Woo Hoo!  I am so excited about it!!!!!!! 🙂
Happy Thanksgiving!!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up

  1. I love the snowflakes! I tried to make one the other day with snowmen holding hands, but I accidentally cut the top off, so they looked like a bunch of Daleks from Dr. Who. Very festive!

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