Moon and Snow

 This was taken Thursday evening.  The moon was so bright
and beautiful!
 I was trying to get the star in this one, too.
Not sure which star, but Venus comes to mind?
I’m clueless really.

 Yesterday morning we woke to snow everywhere.
 It was pretty, fluffy and quiet.
 Our front yard.
Snow piled up on one of our decorative trees by the house.
Thankfully it melted off by early afternoon!
Today we just hung around home for a bit, then had to
go to the bank since it was closed yesterday.
After the bank we stopped at Eric’s parent’s to 
fix his mom’s printer.  My hubby is awesome like that. 🙂
The rest of the day has been spent hanging out in the house.
My tiredness is getting to me.  
I should probably start exercising.
I say this every once in a while, like when I’m feeling fat.
Like I do right now.
So I eat a brownie and hope the feeling passes. 😉
Seriously, I need to start exercising again.
Right now though, I need to get off here and do something
with my very bored daughter. 
We’re having a tough time coming up with an idea though.
I must browse pinterest. 🙂

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