Weekly Wrap-Up

Week 13
This week started with 2 days of no school.  I honestly needed the break.  The rest of the week we sort of unschooled.  I say sort of because we didn’t really do any book work.  
Math was on the computer – my hubby loaded Captain Jax Math Facts on the new computer, so the kids started on that and seem to enjoy it!  
I had Nathan work on a small project for English – the parts of speech.  He had to write each one and what it is and some examples of each one.  I found the idea on pinterest and made it easier for us to do.  
They all read for 20 minutes each day, I think. 🙂  
Spelling was review for all 3 of them.  Nathan mostly just reviewed his word lists.  Ryan and Grace worked on phonograms, especially Ryan.  We were hitting them hard this week.  Ryan did a phonogram quiz today and only missed 5 out of 30 and that is a record for him.  He usually misses A LOT of them, but he’s starting to make an effort.  
Each day this month we’re writing something we’re thankful for on a piece of paper – it goes in our Give Thanks board.   
The book work they did do was their cursive writing page each day and Ryan and Grace are working through their Explode the Code books.  
Each day we did have school the kids picked a subject they were interested in and we learned what we could about it.  Also, a lot of drawing happened around here this week.  They love sitting around and drawing and talking.  It’s cute and you just never know what the conversation will be.  Today was silly stuff and I enjoyed hearing them laugh as they drew.  
It was a good, short week of school.  We’ll have school next week, then take the whole next week off for Thanksgiving!   I am considering doing week of Thanksgiving activities or a Thanksgiving Lapbook, just to help keep our focus right.   
On to next week! 🙂 Just after the weekend . . . 

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