Friday is almost over now.  I haven’t done much with this Friday, really.  This morning I took photos of the snow we had, but it did melt.  Before it melted, it was funny to watch a chicken look at the snow that was everywhere.  It was one hen, Rusty (that is over her broodiness, thankfully) and she just stood in the yard not really knowing what was all over the place.  Have I mentioned that I like to watch chickens?  I do.  They are such funny creatures.

The kids enjoyed an easy week of school and so did I.  Math drills and learning about topics that interested them.  One of my new favorites sites is . Love it!  So many great study ideas all laid out there!  More of this week on the homeschool blog! 🙂

I’ve had to quit watching the news and listening to the radio lately.  I get too mad about the things going on around us.  The main thing right now is the whole Penn State situation and the reaction of the students there.  Seriously, the moral compass of this country is so far gone.  Rioting because a coach was fired?  What about all the lives of all those children that were abused by the monster that worked there?  How sad is it that football is so important that those students can’t even stop and think about the lives of those kids and the horrors they went through?   Such a terrible tragedy and it makes me sick.  Pray for those that were abused and pray for the abuser.  God is just.

That is my rant as far as that goes.  I had to get it out of my system.


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