Old Ford Photos

 1906 Model-N Ford.
Saw this old car the day we got our Escape.
I would have loved to spend more time with it, but was pressed for time.
 Once I know what I’m doing in photoshop I want to really do
great things for these photos – like remove all the extra junk from the photo.

 This was done inside my camera.
The lantern looks neat like this.
At least I think so. 🙂
The sketch one looks really cool, too!
 Lanterns in black and white and different angle.
I used the miniature effect on my camera for this one.
I miniaturized the lantern area.  Looks interesting.
Photoshop is so awesome and overwhelming and  I can’t wait
to really get into it.  What I really need is a good long time period of
nothing but quiet and concentration.  That doesn’t happen often though.

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