Sunday Adventure

This morning we went to church and I am always blessed by Pastor Charles’ messages.  We’re studying Matthew 5&6 right now and he has this really neat visual map, from a computer program,  that really brings the Scriptures to life.  It’s neat to see the places Jesus visited and ministered and to think about Him walking in these places.  I do have to say that I’m glad He’s in Heaven now!

After church we went to town to pick up a couple things we needed.  Nathan desperately needed shoes.  It’s amazing how fast boys go through shoes!

The shoe store is near a new Fortune Star Restaurant in town.  We decided to eat there for lunch.  I’ve never eaten several things I tried today.  Never had sushi today and will probably never have it again.  I ate 2 different kinds and I can’t even tell you what they were called.  If I had to choose one, I liked the less fishy tasting one.  I couldn’t even finish the 2nd one I tried.  Strong scent and taste of fish makes me gag.  There was also seaweed salad.  It had a good taste, but I didn’t like the texture.  Now I loved Coconut Shrimp – yummy!  Also liked seafood bake.  The seafood biscuit I didn’t like so much – a little too fishy.  My bravery ended with the above items and I had my seafood/fish intake for the day.

Eric ate a clam and mussel and a bunch of other little things that I wouldn’t even dare try.  He didn’t like most of the things, but just had to try them to say he has tried them. 🙂    Ryan tried a couple things that Eric made him try – kept bringing up the cricket he ate last summer  Friendly father/son competiton is always fun to watch. 🙂

I always enjoy Sundays because they are great family days!  It’s good to be in the house of the Lord and it’s good to be with the family the Lord saw fit to bless me with!

Right now the family is watching a video on netflix about The Tabernacle.  Ryan wonders . . . Where did they get ALL the gold to build All that stuff?   It is a good question.  Anyone have ideas?

Ps. Please excuse all my mis-spellings in here.  The big computer doesn’t have what my netbook has on it (google chrome has some type of auto-spell check which I love, though I have my issues with google chrome). 


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