Officially it’s not Saturday anymore, unless you go my my kitchen clocks which are turned back an hour.  Today was just one of those days that I loved so much and didn’t sit at any computer until a little bit ago!  My morning started with waking before 8am and getting ready to go out to breakfast with my friend, Lisa.  We haven’t seen each other in forever, so it’s always great to catch up with a good friend!

After eating a good meal we went out and did some shopping.  Target, Goodwill and Ollie’s were our stops today.  I bought some clothes for Grace and I at Goodwill.  I’m happy with Goodwill prices!  Buying boys clothes is not easy – I have been learning this.  They can come along next time and pick what they like.  Grace is easy – purple or some kind of shiny, sparkly stuff on a shirt makes her happy. 🙂

Then coming home and cleaning up the messes somewhat I began dinner preparations.  Made a very tasty beef stew and dumplin’s.  It was so good everyone liked it! 🙂
Beauty and the Beast was on this evening  and Grace and I enjoyed watching it together before bedtime.  It was fun to watch it with my daughter.  It’s one of my favorite Disney movies. 
Now, I’m off to bed.

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