Weekly Wrap-Up

My weekly wrap-up logo isn’t uploading for some reason this evening, but that’s what this is! 🙂

We had a typically productive week, but I think we are lacking something and I’m just not sure what it is at this time.

The kids did their Math lessons, Spelling, Explode the Code, Grammar, learned about Honesty and Proverbs 12:22 and recited it today, History and Science.  I’m obviously not in the mood to write it all out this week.  Today was an “easy day” of school.  We only took necessary tests and Bible verse reciting today.

Mom (me) waking with a migraine didn’t help matters.  Today I was quite a mess.  Started the day with that headache, nausea and just wanted to crawl back into bed, but I didn’t.  After downing some saltines and some hot tea I was able to stomach some Excedrin Migraine (I am ever so thankful for that).

I’ve decided that since we’re to have weather in the 60’s on Monday and Tuesday with no rain (this is November in western, PA) that we are not having school those days.  I am looking forward to this 4 day weekend!  Really looking forward to it!

That’s a wrap-up here.  Thanks for stopping by!



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