Today’s Happenings (NaBloPoMo)

Nothing like waking up with a migraine!  If you read our Homeschool Blog, then sorry for the re-run about the headache stuff.  I’m pretty sure I had it from all the hacking away at weeds that were growing along our driveway.  My neck, back and arms are so sore today.  2 hours of lots of work – which I consider exercise. 🙂  Anyway, the tight muscles in my neck and back must have made my triggered the migraine.  The morning wasn’t fun at all and I finally did get to take some Excedrin Migraine after I ate some crackers and hot tea.

We had our easy day of school today because I had to go to the Ford garage to get our new key made.  I got there just before 11:30 this morning.  Figured I would be there for maybe an hour tops. Hahahahahahaha – if only!  2 and a half hours later I finally left with another key that didn’t work.  The key thingy wouldn’t hold the code.  It’s due to them not having a key (is it called a Fob?) that is the same year as the Escape.  So when it’s time for an oil change they said they’ll have it and we’ll be good to go.  Thankfully my migraine started leaving about an hour or so in to my stay at the Ford garage this afternoon.  Totally not my plan for today, but I did meet a nice older couple and we chatted it up for a while.

While sitting/dozing/zoning at the Ford garage I decided that we’re just not having school Monday or Tuesday.  I got to watch the weather and the next chance of rain is next Wednesday, so they say.  Monday and Tuesday are to be in the 60’s and I just don’t want to be stuck inside both of those days.  Maybe we’ll go on some type of field trip or just go to the park or hike at Moraine for some fun!

Now the kids are in bed and I’m soon to follow, but I’m trying to get a post in every day!

Since the kids and I are doing our Give Thanks board, I have been writing mine down on paper each day.
1. Thankful for my dear husband and 3 kiddos
2. So glad to have beautiful, sunny weather
3. Safety from an almost accident!
4. Thankful for hard work, exhaustion from that work and great sleep and a warm soft bed to enjoy the sleep!


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