Weekend In Review!

 Here is the computer my husband built.  It’s really like a filing
cabinet glowing with kryptonite.  It is super fast and a dream to use!
My Christmas present is already loaded on and I’ve been playing
with Photoshop CS5.   I have no idea what I’m doing on there at this point in time,
but it seems pretty sweet!  
 Yesterday we woke up to this.
Eric was up really early for work and was hoping it was
the moonlight on his truck, but it wasn’t.
It was snow, obviously.
The plus side is we didn’t get what the east coast got.
Whew! 🙂  
Here is our front yard yesterday morning.
Thankfully it melted away, but it’s still cold.
 These 30 degree temperatures must be awful when you’re
molting in October.  Poor Bucka Bucka.  I feel SO bad for her!
She totally needs a jacket or snuggie or something.
Eric said I should come up with a chicken snuggie, lol!
Then yesterday we decided we needed a new vehicle.
Our durango was pretty much becoming a money pit
and was in need for more repairs. We dumped a lot into the durango this summer
just to have it pass inspection.   Eric was quite bummed about
it needing still more repairs, so he visited the Ford Garage Friday after work.
This little number caught his eye, so he had to take me yesterday. 
 We were only going to look.
Just. look. at. what. they. had.
Only looking.
 Well, Mr. Pete had us go for a ride and I can’t tell you how much
I fell in love with this Ford Escape!
We haggled and got a decent price and now I feel really cool
riding around in my “less of a gas hog” vehicle.
It’s so little and cute.
Did I mention I love it?

2 thoughts on “Weekend In Review!

  1. Sweet on the CS5… Take Tracy's online class… she can make you a pro at using it… or least understand it better!

    Congrats on the car {although I am a Chrysler fan LOL}

  2. Glad you got a new car. It is sweet looking.

    I am so not ready for the snow. Glad yours melted. I heard we are going to get our first dusting of the year this Friday.

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