Weekly Wrap-Up

Week 11
Pretty much a repeat of last week’s accomplishments – a lesson ahead, of course.  
Then again, there are some differences.  Grace did a lesson in her math and got a 100% on her test today.
Also, Grace didn’t do any Explode the Code because we’re still waiting for it to arrive.  Her spelling wasn’t so good today and she was upset about it, but I am taking into consideration that she hasn’t been feeling well for the past week or so.  Her big crocodile tears do break my heart though!
Nathan had a 95% on his math test.  He also tested in Grammar, Spelling and Science.  Spelling and Science were good, but Grammar is definitely a retake.  Punctuation can be so challenging sometimes.
Ryan had a 95% on his math test, too.  Different test than Nathan. 🙂 He did well on spelling – only missing 3 words this week.  
Today we watched a couple videos for Science and History because I was that lazy.  The kids enjoy the videos and seem to really learn from them, so I don’t feel so guilty about it.  
We learned about being Generous this week.  I Corinthians 13:3 was our memory verse.  It’s one of those verses we will be reviewing in the weeks to come, so while they didn’t do well with it the review will be good.  
The kids have been reading 20 minutes (at least) each day.  
Phys. Ed – does dismantling the garden count?  I think it could.  They had to drag plants to the woods after we picked them all.  
Art – the kids have been drawing.  They draw and color almost every day, so that’s good!  
We’re also going to check out Mark Kistler’s Imagination Station  and see what is on that site – related to drawing, etc.  
That’s about all from here for now.  
Is it Thanksgiving week yet?  I am SO ready for a vacation!

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