Weekly Wrap Up

Week 10
Last week was one of those weeks where the kids completed their school work, but it was still a crazy week.  The kids have all come down with colds and are in different stages of it.  We did take Thursday off as a sick day and I did some fun crafting stuff.  It was a nice day off – I needed it as much as they did!
 MATH:  The boys each completed a lesson in their books and Grace did a unit test and some review the rest of the week.  
GRAMMAR:  Nathan completed his adjective review and did an adjective test. He had to retake his test because I wasn’t happy with his first score.  He did ok the 2nd time.  
SPELLING:  Nathan did section S-3 and missed only one word on his test.  Ryan and Grace worked on their word list (K-1) from the previous week and took the test on Friday.  They did much better the 2nd time.  We did a lot of fun review on their word list and that definitely helped!
EXPLODE THE CODE:  Grace finished up her books 2 and 2 1/2 and is waiting on her new ones.  Ryan is working through his books and doing ok.  I definitely need to have him read more outloud to me, but he’s doing ok.  Working with Ryan is ever so slow, but we want to be thorough.
HISTORY:  We read a couple lessons last week, but didn’t have anything extra or exciting to go along with them.  
SCIENCE:  Pretty much a bust last week.  Nathan was the only one that accomplished anything in his Creation or Evolution book.  Ryan and Grace did a craft with leaves – making animals.  Grace actually didn’t finish hers, but Ryan made a dinosaur.  I made a cute little owl. 🙂  
ART:  The kids had some drawing sessions on their own last week.  They are such good doodlers. 
MUSIC:  We didn’t do anything in music last week.  With headcolds I thought it wise not to get out the recorders.
PHYS. ED.:  Monday night the kids roller skated for 2 hours.  They had a great time!  The kids also went to their cousin’s house Tues., Wed., and Sat. and had hours of nerf enjoyment.  They love running around playing for hours and hours.  
BIBLE:   Last week the kids learned about Forgiveness and memorized Ephesians 4:32.  I’ve also been reading them more stories about Solomon Lapp.  That is their new favorite devotional/story book.
It was a good week, for the most part.  This week has started off with a bang – hahahaha.  Yeah, it’s been a rough morning so far.  I’m hoping the rest of the week goes better than today.
Happy Monday!  

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