Chicken News

Remember Bucka Bucka?
She’s my broody hen.
Can you believe she’s still sitting on an egg?
The first egg did not hatch, so I put another one under her
because she just can’t seem to break out of the broodiness.
So she sat on her 2nd egg for another 21+ days.
(hatch date was to have been Saturday)
That makes over 42 days of sitting on an egg.
There are several reasons this 2nd egg didn’t hatch:
1.  She would go out to dust and eat or whatever and then
come back in the coop and sit in an empty nest box.
Meanwhile her egg is sitting there getting cold in her caged in area.
2.  She did #1 several times, but the most recent stupid thing she did was
not sitting on her egg because it rolled out of the nest.
It was sitting in front of the cage door and she was sitting on the empty nest.
The goofy chicken started pecking me when I tried putting
the egg back under her.  She hadn’t realized the egg wasn’t under her.
3.  She’s just not that smart.  Honestly, what a scatter-brained hen!
I think lack of warmth for long periods just killed the egg.  
In a way I’m glad, because when the mamma hen is that dumb
the chick’s life would be pretty much in danger anyway.
Probably should take the egg out and see what happened in there.
Science class for sure!


I went *tap* on the edge of the rock.
It went *POP* and there was laughter and gross-outs everywhere!
Stinky smells and my pants did get a little spray of rotten egg on them.
It’s a good thing I have lots of sweats. 🙂

After this, I’ve decided I’m going to just ignore the hen and her craziness
and not put any more eggs under her for now.
She’s started molting and she kinda needs the feathers to keep the
eggs warm and colder weather will be happening soon.
Maybe she’ll get all broody in the spring
 and we can stick a bunch under her and see what happens then.


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