Electric Woes

My hubby figured he would just cut the tree down so it wouldn’t
cause any problems in the winter with ice and snow.
Umm, yeah, it didn’t work out that way.
We had removed the trees from the wire (very carefully)
and were waiting on the electric company to come fix it at this point.
It made for a very interesting week around here.
I think I actually hate our telephone right now.
 Yes, the downed power line did bad things to the inside of the house.
We lost several things due to the power surge, until Eric threw the breaker.
Thankfully home owners insurance will help getting things back.
Most importantly we lost our water softener and need to get a new one quick.
We have very rusty water otherwise.
Also lost:  living room tv, xbox 360, coffee pot, one surge protector,
wireless router for internet and it blew the compressor fan in the fridge.
We found a great guy that installed our compressor fan motor, thankfully!
 Eric felt terrible about it.  
It made for an adventurous week!
I learned about how home owners insurance works.
Also learned about refrigerators a little bit.
Well, I guess if  a tree is going to fall down on your wires
it’s better that it does it while there is no snow on the ground, especially
if you have a driveway like ours! 

4 thoughts on “Electric Woes

  1. Bummer! Thankfully nobody got hurt. Electricity can be really nasty stuff. We had a spike go through the walls one time and lost the TV and the computer in less than two seconds. I hope you get everything taken care of with no problems.


  2. Thanks, ladies! We are thankful no one was hurt and that the house didn't burn down (I think I was probably the only one worried about that)

    Things are coming along now. Whew!

    Definitely something to blog about. Life is quite an adventure. 🙂

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