Fall Photos

Leaf rainbow.
Having fun with my camera.
 Looking down our driveway the other day,
 On a country back road.
 Mushrooms growing on a fallen log.
 My name in leaves.
We had a visitor last week.
Isn’t it cute?! 🙂

Looking into the trees.

 Love these colors.

 Porch of a little shack along a back road.

Corn field with some beautiful colors in the trees.


5 thoughts on “Fall Photos

  1. Thanks, ladies! @Red, I got this page from another site with all kinds of fall photo ideas and the name with leaves was one of them. I'm not naturally that creative. 🙂

    @Michelle, thanks for stopping by and commenting. Fall is probably my favorite time of year for taking photos!

    @Kristal, thanks, I only hate my driveway in the winter. It becomes a bobsled track. lol

    @Wendy, yes, I did take all those pictures! Earlier this year I got a new camera and have fallen in love with picture taking even more!

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