Women of Faith Weekend (Oct 7-8) (Pt. 1 – photos)

This was the worst traffic I was in the entire weekend, believe it or not!
This was outside of Mars, PA on 228 around school time Friday morning.
Crazy long wait on this road, but the rest of the trip was a breeze!
For that I am thankful!  
I walked inside the arena and this was my first sight!  So pretty!
  This is Renea and I.  We had a wonderful weekend at WOF!
We both needed a “vacation” and this was it for us! 
 The WOF worship team.  
 Sheila Walsh – I totally enjoyed hearing her story.
I cried and laughed.
 I think I didn’t cry when Dr. Cloud spoke, but I did laugh some and learned
some interesting things, too.
*I’m writing another post about some of the things I learned from the speakers.
 Totally enjoyed the Q & A session
with Sheila Walsh and Dr. Henry Cloud. 
 Nicole Johnson.
She made me laugh and cry several times!
She’s rather witty and has a touching story.
 Mary Mary.
I never heard of them or their music until this weekend.
While I might not be a fan of their music, their obvious
love for what they do and their love for the Lord was definitely coming through!
I totally enjoyed watching them – they make me smile!
And I bet they are a blast to hang out with!
 Natalie Grant.
Honestly, I never heard of her either, until this weekend.
Not my kind of music either, but I enjoyed her love for the Lord and
her testimony of Him in her life.
 “The Porch”
 Lisa Harper.
This woman also made me laugh and cry!
I cried a lot this past weekend!
 Angie Smith.
She also made me laugh and cry!
An amazing story that I read online before and I was so excited she was there!
 Luci Swindoll.
Sister of Charles Swindoll.
She had some good points that I will definitely be writing about.
I have much to say, but have no time right now!
I will try writing later this evening with so many things I learned!


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