Weekly Wrap-Up (two weeks)

Weeks 7 & 8
I’m breaking it down by kids this time around.  It’s been a busy couple weeks, let me tell ya!   
NATHAN: Math: In week 7 he did a Unit Test and reviewed multiplication tables and skip counting the rest of the week.  He also did some online math drills on the MathUSee.com site.  This week he did lesson 15 and was concentrating on the 4’s.  He’s done most of them by now and does ok.  It’s amazing how he can forget the simple ones! 🙂  
Easy Grammar:  He’s currently working on Adjectives and how you can find and use them in a sentence.  He did pages 139-147 and in the punctuation pages he completed pages 282 – 290.  I’m glad practice makes better here!  He does well once he understands what’s going on.  It’s the punctuation and capitalization that he always forgets when writing!  I’m thinking when he’s done with Easy Grammar that we’re going to find some other grammar program.  
SWR:  He completed section J-6 last week and got a 90% on the test.  He completed spelling section S-1 this week.  He missed 3 words on his test today 85%.   This is his favorite subject and he hates when he misses anything.
Science:  Last week he took Unit Test 2 and got a 90% on that and this week he started Unit 3.  He learned of God’s Plan, The Ark, and The Flood this week.  
Cursive Writing:  He’s practicing words and sentences in his book now.  He does ok.  Some days he writes much nicer than others, so at least I know he can do it neatly. He’s done pages 1-9 in the two weeks.
RYAN:  Math:  Ryan completed 2 lessons in the 2 weeks getting 100% on both tests (lessons 13-14).  He sometimes does so terrible on his lessons that I am sure he’ll not do well on his test, but he always surprises me!
SWR:  He completed  sections J-5 and J-6  and missed a couple words on J-5 and 1 word on J-6 today getting a 95%.  He’s doing ok with this and reading.  We’ll keep pressing on!
ETC(explode the code):  He’s doing pretty good in here, but there are times he forgets his rules and the practice in these books are good for him!  He’s about halfway through his books 3 and 3 1/2.
Cursive:  completed practice pages up to 13.  He likes practicing cursive!     
Science:  hmm, the past couple weeks have been kinda crazy, so this has been set aside.  We’ll be learning about spider webs next week! 🙂
GRACE:  Math:  she completed lessons 13 and 14 in the last 2 weeks and got a 100% last week and a 95% this week.  She LOVES math – she wrote me a note and said “math is osom” 🙂
SWR:  Same lessons as Ryan and I think she missed 2 words on her test last week and one word today.  She does well with her spelling and it’s helping her with her reading.
ETC:  Grace is nearly finished with her books 2 and 2 1/2.  I honestly have to order her some books soon – next week!  She likes ETC.
Cursive:  She wrote her capital letters B to J the last two weeks.  She’s doing well with this subject, at least with the practice pages.  We’ll see how it goes once she has to put them together in words!
Science:  See Ryan. 🙂  
Bible:  This week’s character study was Diligent and last week was Courage.  Diligent verse is John 4:9 and Courage verse is Deuteronomy 31:6.  Both these verses aren’t sticking so well, so next week we’re going to review all the Character Traits and their meanings and review all the verses we’ve learned up to date.  
Art/Music:  Yeah, we didn’t get around to these subjects this week and last week we did have some art time.  Plus the kids were doing their own drawings/projects.  That’s always good! 🙂
History:  Last week we read about the British and Continental Soldiers (pgs 22-25), then last Friday did a worksheet on the Soldiers in Colonial Times.  This week we read about “British Returning to the Colonies” pgs 26-27 and  and “From New York to the Jersery Woods – Washington Retreats” pages 28-29 in our Founding of the United States Experience book.  
Looks like we’ve had a busy couple weeks.  I know it has felt that way.  Now for a 3 day weekend!  I’m going to Women of Faith for a spiritual refreshing that is much needed and the kids get some quality time with their Mimi and their Dad these days I’m out for a bit!  


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