Lemons in Sugar

I do not know what the name of this snack is really called.
A friend of mine had gone to Russia to teach for a year, I believe.
Well, she treated  Eric and I to this snack when she visited us
oh, so long ago!
 Just takes some lemons (fresher, thinner skinned ones are best),
some sugar, and a pot of boiling water.
You dip the lemons in the water for 20-30 seconds.
My lemons today were not that great and needed several minutes.
 I just cut up a couple lemons and placed them nicely on a plate. 
Fun with my camera. 🙂
 After you slice the lemons, you dip them in sugar.
 Coating them in sugar is wonderful!
The flavors are amazing, too!
 All 3 kids really enjoyed this snack and look forward to 
having it again soon. 
 Ryan wasn’t as crazy about the lemon peel on there, but said it was “ok”
Nathan scarfed down 2 rather quickly and just couldn’t
get over that he could eat the peel.  He loves
the sour of lemons, always has. 
Thanks, Amy, for introducing this to me a long time ago!
It was fun sharing it with my kids today!

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