Weekly Wrap-Up

Week 6
It was another good week of school, even if I did want to pull my hair out most days.  Between some bad attitudes (kids) and some thundering headaches (my headaches), it’s a week that I’m glad is done.
Since we’ve done 6 weeks of school, I am seriously considering taking some time off here soon.  Just a break for the kids and I.  We might press on until we reach and finish our 9th week of school  I’m going to think about this one for a couple weeks and then decide.  
MATH:    It amazes me how the kids struggle through their lesson all week and then get a 100% on their tests. All 3 of them!  Whew!  
GRAMMAR:   Nathan did 7 pages in his Easy Grammar book this week, plus a couple extra pages I printed from teachnology.com  He seemed to do ok with these, for the most part.  He is not liking that I am making him write his work in cursive, but he’ll get used to the idea.  
EXPLODE THE CODE:  Ryan and Grace are working through their books and doing fine.  Ryan seems bored with it, but I think he needs the extra spelling/reading/writing practice and a lot of what he does in these books reinforces what he is learning in his spelling.  Reading is still a struggle, but we are working through it.
SPELL TO WRITE AND READ:  Everyone did well on their lessons this week.  Nathan missed one word on his test and was so disappointed.  This is probably his favorite subject.  Grace got a 100% on her spelling test and was very pleased.  Ryan missed 4 words on his test.  We’re still working on sounding words out as we write them with him.  Don’t know if he feels self conscience about it, but he is not thrilled about doing it.  He does much better spelling when he does as he’s told- if only he wouldn’t fight it!  Always one in the crowd. 😉
SCIENCE:  We didn’t do much formal Nature Study this week, but the kids went on a field trip with their aunt, cousin and students and staff of Homeacre Christian Academy (which I didn’t go on due to space and cost) to ride around on a local lake (Lake Arthur at Moraine State Park) and their aunt took them for a walk and some ice cream afterwards.  She’s very sweet and kind like that!  Nathan did do some reading in his Creation or Evolution book this week.  He’ll be taking a unit test next week.  
HISTORY:  We read through the Declaration of Independence this week and answered some questions about it.  It was a good week in this subject.  My lesson plans are ok, though sometimes not as structured as they should be, but ok for the first time doing such a thing, I guess.  For the 2nd semester I’m thinking we’ll learn about Civil War history.  Still have to work on that.
BIBLE:  This week we studied being Cooperative.  Psalm 133:1 was the verse the kids learned this week (I already knew it).  They still need some work, but we are using the Charlotte Mason Scripture Memorization System so they will review all these verses, often.  Today I picked up a neat devotional book at Ollie’s (I LOVE that store) called The Wisdom of Solomon Lapp  by Wanda Brunstetter.  We’ll probably incorporate that into some of our character studies!
ART/MUSIC:  We didn’t do any music this week.  My pounding head didn’t want to hear the sound of squeaky recorders. 🙂  The kids love to draw and do that frequently by themselves.  Ryan is my budding artist and I was talking to my husband about maybe getting him into an art class or have lessons or find a good art course.  I am interested in the Art Class from Seethelightshine.com site and Ryan, and all the kids really, enjoyed that free video we used earlier this year.  If anyone has any other good art programs they’d recommend, please do let me know!  I am personally not an artist, so I don’t really know where to begin with this. 🙂  

Ryan set up some of his army stuff and decided to draw a still life.
He did a good job on this!   At least I think so.  Of course,
being his mom, I am biased just a tad. 🙂  

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