Weekly Wrap-Up

Week 5
Yep, I am late in posting last week’s wrap-up.  The weekend was crazy (had my 2 nieces and nephew over Friday night) and I was dealing with a headache/migraine on Sunday and Monday.  😦
Last week was a mostly ok week of school.  Thursday was a rough day here, but we pressed on.  
The kids each finished up a lesson in their Math books.  They always finish one each week and are understanding what they are learning, too!
Grammar:   Nathan was reviewing capitalization rules and I had Ryan do a page of review, too.  I’m hoping he remembers this stuff.  Figured we’ll do the fun review stuff.  
Explode the Code:  Ryan and Grace are doing pretty good with this.  Sometimes Ryan forgets what the rules are with reading/spelling.  Grace has been doing very well with reading and spelling in her books.
Spell to Write and Read:   Nathan got a 100% on his test Friday.  He loves spelling and is always sad if he misses just one word!  Ryan and Grace both missed 2 words on their tests.  The same words even, but they weren’t cheating (I was watching them test).   They are doing pretty good.
Science:  Nathan worked on his Creation or Evolution book and also did some Nature Study with the rest of us.  We studied leaves and weeds some and enjoyed walking around our yard/woods looking at both.
History:  We learned about George Washington last week.  We read about him in our book The Founding of the United States Experience and also read about him HERE and I printed out the worksheet and test for the boys to work on.  It worked out pretty good! 🙂

Art/Music:   We did art/music on Tuesday and just art on Thursday.  The kids all enjoy these subjects.

Bible:  Last week our Bible study character trait was Contentment and the kids learned and recited Hebrews 13:5a.  We read Genesis 33 and I asked the kids some questions about the passage the one day.  They wrote lists of things they want vs. things they need another day.  We were supposed to watch the Veggie Tales Madame Blueberry movie, but unfortunately it was off netflix (it was on there for a long time beforehand – gone when I needed it, lol).  Fridays they always recite their new verses and review the previous verses and are doing great!  


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