LATE Weekly-Wrap Up

Week 4
Yes, this is very late, especially since  Friday will
be another weekly wrap up for THIS school week!  
Time has been flying right by lately.
Lots going on keeping me busy!
Since this is so late, I’ll keep it simple. 🙂
BIBLE:  We learned about Confidence and learned Phil. 4:13
Looked up the meaning of the word and did a few other activities
that were related to confidence.
Watched Dave and the Giant Pickle on Friday.

MATH:  Everyone finished a lesson in 3 days.
Tested on Friday morning with good marks!
GRAMMAR:  Nathan continued working on Capitalization and
Punctuation and some other writing skills.
EXPLODE THE CODE:  Ryan and Grace are working through their books
and seem to like them.  
SWR (Spelling):  All 3 kids did fairly well last week.  I did make
Ryan re-take his test Friday morning and he did much better the 2nd time.
Grace and Nathan are doing well.
SCIENCE:  Nature study is going ok.  I’m still trying to get
this subject together a little better.
I decided to jump in with the Handbook of Nature Study site.
Sometimes I just need some direction and there is a lot here!
I’m so thankful! 🙂
HISTORY:  We’re still working through our study from Founding of the United
States Experience.  We’re learning about George Washington this week.
I extended the study about him this week.  He was one awesome man!
ART/MUSIC:  The kids are doing ok with their recorders and music.
Not as easy as I thought it might be, but we’re just working
on the basics of music.  So far, so good though.
Art is mixed in with other subjects from time to time, especially science.
I am really considering buying the See the Light Shine curriculum.
My kids LOVE the first video that we received free a while back.
Just love it!
We also went on a field trip on Friday.
It was a nice long drive north of here to Clarion.
Two car sick kids and some baby wipes later we made it.
Funny how they got sick just outside of Clarion.
I am thankful for soap, water and those air hand dryers.
 My sister in law told me about the Civil War Road Show
that is going to each county in PA for the next several years.
Nathan is always so serious. 🙂
 We went to the little  sections and looked at all the things
in each one of them.  It was nice!
 Several interactive things to read and watch.
 This is an 1857 map of PA and what the landscape was like
around the time of the Civil War.
 All the things PA contributed to the Civil War.
 The kids even got their photo with President Lincoln.
They are thrilled, lol.  At least Grace smiled. 🙂
 This man had the boys working with bayonets.
They learned quite a few things doing this and really enjoyed it. 
They learned to stack the guns correctly at the end.
It was a neat experience for them.
While there it stormed, so they had us leave the
mobile museum and we went into the house next door.
I took photos of many things in the house.
We learned about the mourning time in those days.
A widow of a Civil War soldier was in the parlor
and told us about her husband’s time in service, 
what it was like to be a woman in mourning in those days
and about the viewing coffins that were shared among families.
It was a great week of school, last week!  
I’m just late in sharing it! 🙂

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