Photos From Last Weekend

 This was last Saturday’s temperature.
It could have been Friday’s, but I don’t remember for sure.
Whichever it was, it was HOT and glorious.
I miss the heat and sunshine.
We’ve had a cold and rainy week, so I look at this picture.
 Saturday night Eric’s brother had an impromptu cookout.
It was hot Saturday and the evening was wonderful.
A local neighbor was having a huge concert, so we had 
music and a fire and food.
An all-round great evening!
Grace was helping me by shredding up a zucchini for me.
She did a mighty fine job of it!
I have several more zucchini to do something with soon.
I’m thinking of making Zucchini Cobbler.
My friend said her kids didn’t even know it was zucchini.
I am looking forward to trying it on my family! 🙂  

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