Bucka Bucka

Yes, I decided to give her ONE egg last Friday.
Only one.
It’s a Dark Cornish egg.
Not sure if it’ll hatch, but time will tell.
It’s due to hatch on the 22nd.
This morning I let the chickens out and I hear a bang noise.
I went into the coop to check it out and here she had opened 
her cage door  (which isn’t locked) 
and was running for a potty break, some food, and water.
Then I had to put her back into the cage with her egg because
she decided to sit in an empty nest box.  
Should her egg hatch, I do worry about the chick.
I may have to become the baby’s mama for a bit if
Bucka Bucka can’t handle it.
Again, that’s IF the egg hatches.

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