Weekly Wrap-Up

Week 3
It’s exciting to have finished our 3rd week of school already!  It wasn’t overly exciting, but we did have a few fun and interesting days.
There was September 1st when we had school by oil lamp light.  It sure rained a lot Thursday morning, but we finished school in record time that day.  Funny how something out of the usual does that!
 A couple of our “chicks” started laying eggs recently!
They lay such tiny, cute little eggs.
 Our neighbor, just down our driveway, allowed us to observe
their horses on Wednesday for a bit. 
For Nature Study we were learning about horses 
and I thought it would be better to actually see some in person.
 Don’t know their horses names, forgot to ask.
But they are nice horses and we appreciate our neighbor’s 
 I took a picture of this for Grace.
She’ll always know why we don’t have horses, lol.
She wants some someday and that’s fine – when she grows up
and gets her own place. Then she’ll have those messes to clean up.
We did compare them to chicken messes. 
Big difference. 
 Our neighbors also have some chickens.
I think they are mostly Brahmas (sp?) and there’s 
another silly hen with a crazy feather hat on her head.
I need to research what kind she is – she’s not pictured here.
The peacock is in the background.
We heard him a lot during the early summer. 
 Proof the kids were watching the horses.
Squinting nicely for me in the blazing hot sunshine!
 Here’s the crazy feathered hen.
I just like how this photo of the horses turned out. 🙂
Our other school days were just good, normal school days.
Everyone completed a lesson in their MATH books, so 2 starting on lesson 10 and one starting on lesson 11 next week.  
Nathan is doing EASY GRAMMAR Daily Grams that are in the back of his book and will be starting on some extra pages next week that I got from teachnology.com to just help him remember his capitalization and punctuation rules.  He’s going to start writing more this year and these reminders will be good for him.
SWR:  all 3 kids finished a section last week and will be moving on next week.  I didn’t do a phonogram review quiz with them this week, but should have.  This is still a favorite subject of Nathan’s and he still was almost in tears that he missed 1 word on his test.  Seriously, almost crying over it.  He was so bummed he missed one.  I told him it was fine, but he wasn’t having any of it. Ryan and Grace missed about 5 words each, but I’m giving them warm up time.  We gotta get those phonograms down! 🙂
Explode the Code:  Ryan and Grace are doing ok with these books.  They mainly do the lessons and have to read everything back to me.  It’s reading practice and rule practice for both of them.
Science:  shown above in photos.  The kids also drew pictures of horses in their notebooks.
History:  We finished our first couple weeks of The Founding of the United States Experience   and so far so good.  I’m incorporating some page work through a couple websites and it works out pretty good!  
Bible:  This past week was about Compassion and what it means and the memory verse was Matthew 9:36a. The kids didn’t recite their verses to me on Friday, so next week we’ll be doing them and reviewing Proverbs 8:33, too.  We’ll start the next Character trait week after next since we have a short week next week.  
Art/Music:  Drawing horses was the extent of art this week and we did have music on Tuesday.  I am trying to do both Tuesday and Thursday, but with our lights out Thursday we just skipped it. 
I’m thankful for this 3 day weekend.  I feel like I should be doing something productive, but I’m not really. 🙂  Just going to enjoy the days off – thankfully I planned for next week already!  

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