Life’s Tough When You’re Broody

 Meet “Bucka Bucka.”
She was named for the noise she always makes.
She’s looking a little frazzled here and for good reason.
 The poor hen just wants to be a mama, but alas,
it’s too late in the year to allow her to hatch some eggs.
 I took her out of the nest box several times today and Grace did, too.
She was not a happy hen to be taken out of the nest box so many times.
She was clogging the nest box, which I’m sure not all the hens are
using right now.  With 15 hens I should be getting more than 8 eggs per day.
I’ll save that for another post though!
 So “Bucka Bucka” gets all crazy and fans out when the 
other hens are around her, but unfortunately for her
she’s not mean enough and keeps getting picked on by all the
other chickens.  BUT she does have a mean peck
when you try to get her out of the nest box.
I do have a scar to prove it.
It’s rough being broody and unpopular.
And looking like a turkey all fanned out.
No one likes you when you’re cranky. 
I hope she gets over it soon. 
We’re 3 days and counting.

I relented and stuck 1 egg under her on Friday.
Figured we’d see if she hatches it or not.  


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