Weekly Wrap-Up

Week 2
I haven’t had the chance to sit and do a weekly wrap-up and I really don’t have the time to now, but will make it short and sweet!  
We had a productive week and got our goals accomplished and enjoyed a field trip to this cool place called Inventionland.  
The kids all finished a lesson in their math books and tested on Friday and did fairly well.  It does amaze me how they do forget their multiplication tables, I have to say! 
The kids learned a Bible verse last week to go along with our Character Studies.  Last week’s verse was Proverbs 8:33 and we learned about Attentiveness.  We reviewed the verse this morning and started learning our new verse for our new study this week.  We’re learning about Compassion this week and are learning the first part of Matthew 9:36.  
They’ve been reading 20 minutes each day and it’s amazing to see the progress Grace is making with her reading.  She’s really putting things together, sounding words out (even hard words) and seems to be enjoying it!  Ryan is doing a little better with reading, but we’re still working.  He often still likes to guess words instead of sounding them out, but he has to re-read it when he does that.  He gets the sounds/words correctly when he takes the time to do so.  Nathan is enjoying reading about James Watt in a book I found at the homeschool convention in 2010.
It was a great week of school and I am so glad we’re enjoying this school year so far! 🙂    

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