Sun Through Trees

 Earlier this week I was looking out my porch door and saw
this beautiful sight!  I ran, got my camera and took about 20 shots
from different angles and with different settings.
 One of my favorite shots.
 This is probably my favorite shot.
A shot from my sidewalk. 
 I tried silhouette mode here.
 The rays are so intense here.
I just love it.
Kinda of a “glimpse into heaven.”
My aunt said that and I agree with her
Obviously NOT a sun picture, but a reminder that fall is
indeed coming whether I want it to or not.
Is is sad that I’m already feeling depressed about winter?
I’ll just scroll back up and look at the sunshine. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Sun Through Trees

  1. Going to try to comment again:) We'll see if this works!

    I love your photographs. You really have an eye for photography. I love the look of the rays through the trees. It would look awesome in black and white, too!

    Keep looking for glimpses of His beauty!

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