What Would a Good Title Be?

Life has been so busy since we started school on the 15th that I’ve been living it and not worrying about posting much.  I’ve been taking pictures and resting a back muscle that I pulled on Saturday and just hanging out with the family!

I have tons of pictures, but I’m going to add them by topic instead of just dumping them all on one post.  This past weekend we had some great family time and good grilling by the hubby!

 My husband is the grill master in this house.
We (he) charcoal grilled ribs and some chicken.
The ribs were absolutely perfect.
 I am drooling while looking at this photo.
I made a rib rub and prepared them and we added
bacon on top of them and wrapped them in foil.
The grill temperature was pretty high
and cooking time was maybe 2 hours.
Don’t quote me on that. 🙂
 I picked some fresh green beans and I steamed them.
Then we took the bacon from the foil and I cut it up 
and sauteed it with pecans and waaa laaa!
 Eric and the boys were trying to move the picnic table.
It was kind of fun to watch.
I couldn’t help on account of my back, plus
it was good for them to work together. 🙂
 They switched places, but apparently it didn’t work this way
and Ryan fell to the ground.
No injuries. 
I suggested this method and it worked out well.
I’m glad I could contribute some help here. 🙂
Of course we always have an audience.

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