My Infomercial Musings Top 10

These are just ones that I see a lot and catch my attention.  Ok, a few I have never seen on tv, but they are here from the internet site As Seen on TV.   I have never used any of these products, but I thought they would be fun to muse about.  I am lame and have too much time to waste today. 🙂

1. Given my post about hardboiled fresh eggs the other day, the commercial for EGGIES gets my attention.  It’s one of those silly things that I think would be a good thing to buy someday.  When it comes to the stores maybe. 🙂

2. Another infomercial I see all the time is the Genie Bra.  Looks like my kind of bra, but after reading a few reviews I’m sure I won’t purchase it.  I do hate shopping for these things though.  Who really likes it anyway?

3.  Of course there’s Wen, and who doesn’t want gorgeous hair that isn’t frizzy and curls amazingly or looks wonderful straight?!  I do, but not at that cost.  Nor am I a professional hair stylist, so I doubt my hair would look that good even if I did use this product.  The infomercial does crack me up.  It looks like they tease and fry the ladies’ hair before they use the magic non-shampoo.

4.  PackIt is kinda cool looking.  Haha, cool, anyway. . .  Ryan is glad he doesn’t have to go to school so he doesn’t have to have one of those.  I think it’s a neat idea.

5.  Pajama Jeans.  The first time I saw this commercial I so made fun of them, but now I’m thinking they are not such a bad idea. 🙂  Amazing how point of view changes with a little time.  I just can’t see paying $40 a pair or I’d do it.

6.  Ryan – who seems to be drawn to these infomercials – thinks the Sobakawa Cloud Pillow is something I should try since I have headaches a lot.

7.  Hook, Line and Stinker is a new one to me.  Haven’t seen this one on tv, but cruising the As Seen on TV site this one caught my attention.  Do take a look at it!  You will most certainly laugh! Could be a good potty training tool?

8. Grace was JUST telling me about these Happy Nappers .  She seems to want one of them for either Christmas or her birthday.  We’ll see if that happens.

9. I’m sorry, this one just makes me laugh!! Poop Freeze.  They have a description of the item on the page.  The things they sell, I tell ya!  I can’t help laughing at this.

10.  Ryan says I also need the Shark Steam Cleaner.  There are several different versions of this on the site. Ryan says it will make cleaning so much easier.   I think the boy might want to be an infomercial salesman when he grows up or at least be gullible enough to buy a lot of these things. 🙂

Anyway, some of these make me laugh and some do seem rather practical.

What infomercials get your attention?


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