Blowing Out Candles

 He’s always so serious.
Totally loves his picture taken.
 My 11 year old.  We’re having fun kidding him that
he’s still 10.  Notice anything about the pie?
I managed to get a decent photo of him! 🙂
 He’s getting ready to blow out the candles here.
We had an unusual birthday “cake” and ice cream.
Cake was a partially eaten apple pie, lol, and zucchini bread.
Ice cream was what the boy really wanted.
Root beer floats were also an option.
He had fun doing this and it was fun to watch him with the
candles and partially eaten apple pie. 
Before I decided to use it as a “birthday cake” 
I had eaten 2 pieces of it as breakfast 2 days.
Poor kid.  
He didn’t seem to mind though.
It was a Happy Birthday for him! 
PS. I really do have a problem with apple pie. 🙂
I can’t control myself around it. 

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