11 Years Ago

 This was 11 years ago – almost. 
Nathan was actually born around 9:30pm.
How fast the time has gone since then.
 This photo is so precious!
I love how father and son are looking at each other.
So very sweet.
 Me and my little Nathan.
So sweet and happy and adorable! 
 Those days seemed so long and never-ending, but
looking back I see that they were just a breath in time.

A friend of mine took the black and white photos.
This was last month when we were at Erie.
It’s hard to get a good photo of him where he’s 
not making some crazy face.  
Looking back over his 11+ years on this earth,
there are so many, many wonderful times.
Precious memories.
Bruising mom’s ribs.
Entering the world on an August night.
Eating and growing like a champ.
Lots of dirty diapers.
Sleepless nights.
Sleepy days.
Snuggles that make a mama melt.
Sweet belly laughs.
Adorable smiles and coos.
First words.
First steps, lots of running.
Cute ways of saying things.
Silly times and funny faces.
Learning lots and growing.
A lot of growing and changing.
Lots of running . . . still!
More changes.
God has blessed Eric and I with this
precious boy who’s growing up
too quickly.  
I’m sure we’ve failed him
in many ways and I pray he won’t be ruined by us.
I praise God for giving us the privilege
of raising Nathan.
Of getting to know him and to learn
from him.  He’s taught me much about 
My biggest prayer is that he seeks
to serve God with all his heart, soul and mind.
It doesn’t matter what he does, as long as he’s
doing that job for God.  
Not sure what the future holds for us, 
but that is the beauty of being a child of God.
He knows the future and I don’t need to worry.
We’re approaching the teen years.
Will I worry some? 
Probably, yes.
But God will guide us.
Thank you, God, for allowing
us the privilege of being Nathan’s parents.
Happy Birthday!
I love you, Nathan!
More than you’ll ever know!

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