Photos from Today

Or I could have called the title Reunion, Flower and Geese.  It was a beautiful day and there was a lot out there for my camera and I! 🙂

 Remember THIS post?
This is Lori today – 3 months after her major surgery!
She is doing fantastically well and is happy to be living a full and 
normal life again!  God is SO very good!
 A barn that caught my attention on the way to reunion.
The bad thing about the picture is that you can’t really see the
windmill behind the barn.  We couldn’t get a good angle from the road.
 I decided to make it black and white here. 🙂
 Used silhouette mode on this one and really like it!
A lot!
 I took many photos of these today. 
I LOVE this one!
 Took some photos of the Masons today.  🙂
For some reason I always seem to not get their pictures!
 Everyone sitting around after eating the large noon meal
Always lots of delicious food!
Yes, another geese shot. Had to capture a wing flap.
There will be another post with more photos.
Flowers mostly and probably a geese one or two.

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