Getting Things Ready!

Today I:
1. tore up my kitchen and cleaned out old portfolios
2. threw out lots of old papers and used books from last year
3. cleaned out school drawers, threw away old pens that don’t work anymore
4. wiped out a very nice pencil/pen holder and put new ones in there
5. straightened out the book case, though I do worry about it collapsing!
6. got my teacher portfolio out and started getting it cleaned up and re-organized for the coming year.

There are still a few things on my list that I want to accomplish before we start school.  I’m aiming to start on August 15th easing into the first couple weeks of school.

I need to:
1. watch the free art video I received in the mail
2. finish planning our history for the first half of the school year and figure out what to do 2nd half (I’m leaning toward geography)
3. work on Scripture memory list
4. finish purchasing a few last minute items – we’re going to have a flutophone band here! 🙂

I’ll go into more details about our curriculum and which child is doing what this school year.  Most of it is the same as last year, but there are a few differences.  I’m excited about the coming school year!  I’m praying I can structure it so we can learn much and mostly enjoy it! 🙂


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