Some Photos of My Sad Garden :(

Watering just isn’t helping that much, but I wish it did.
Maybe I’m not watering correctly?
It’s also been very dry (not much rain) and very hot.
We have had some very hot, humid days and I LOVE
when summer is like this.  I just feel bad for the garden.
My plans are to plant spinach and try some peas in the
cooler part of fall.  I have been drooling for fresh spinach, but
it grows best in cooler weather.
My cucumbers haven’t really started sprawling, but they
do have a few blooms on them.
I have 2 zucchinis growing on 6 plants.
For some reason my garden doesn’t grow them well.
I need to test the soil and see what it needs.
Anyway, enough of my garden woes. 
Just wanted to share how sad it is. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Some Photos of My Sad Garden :(

  1. A friend offered me some advice and I'm going to try it! She said Miracle Grow that attaches to my garden hose is good and also to test the soil near my zucchini because they need calcium and that could be some of their problem. 🙂 I love friends that garden and know what they're doing!

    You'd think after so many years trying I might have figured out something by now! lol

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