So Many Blessings and So Much Grace!

 Little hummingbird fella grabbing a quick drink from the feeder.
They are so fun to watch. We must have around 10 that come feed.
 A book of blessings (One Thousand Gifts)
and a birthday present from my dear husband.
He’s so good to me!
My Scripture & a Snapshot {week 42}
is more like Scripture IN a Snapshot.
Verses 3 & 4 are what I’m learning this week.
I successfully recited verses 1 & 2 last Friday.
Thanks for listening, Cindy!

Along with memorizing Colossians, Cindy and I are doing
the Embracing God’s Grace study guide by Elizabeth George.
We figured it would be really great to go through while
hiding Colossians in our hearts.  
I’ve been reading so many books and God’s Word is
so full of the gift of Grace.
Each day is a gift of grace.  God’s grace.
I’ve see the acrostic:  
We are rich in Christ, day after day.
Counting these gifts has been such a blessing 
and I’m ever so thankful to be counting them each and every day!
I may be behind a day, but here is my multitude
#101 – #115
a good doctor
nice visit with Rose
stores for necessities
food for the body and food for the spirit
talk time with Lisa – refreshing for a woman’s soul
gentle rain on parched soil
the warmth and smell of Exotic Coconut lotion
my sister’s birthday
beautiful morning at church and family time in the afternoon
movie and a secret chocolate bar with my daughter 🙂
fresh green beans from the garden
summer school days that are so enjoyable
Cindy who listens to me recite Scripture verse

the buzz of a hummingbird

a gift of the kindle from my sweet and kind husband


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