Tomorrow’s New Adventure {365-181}

A friend and I were deciding when to start our new adventure and came up with July 1st.  Our adventure is memorizing the book of Colossians in a year.  It’s 2 verses a week for an entire year.  Who can’t handle memorizing 2 verses each week?  We’re using THIS plan, only our January is July, and I’m memorizing from my KJV Bible.   

It will probably do my terrible memory wonders. 
What is more rewarding than having God’s Word hidden in my heart? 
It’ll be there to meditate on at any time.  
It will be time well spent getting to know my Lord better.
I’m super excited about having an accountability partner or two, honestly!  My focus can get shifted so easily to the business of the day or to silly things that don’t really matter.  
If you’re up for the challenge, join us!
My photo for the day.
I’m not sure what these “berries” are but I love the color.

2 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s New Adventure {365-181}

  1. Hello again. I have take a look at the berries on your picture and it's seems to me that you not should eat theme. I think it could be dangerous but the colour is beatiful. 🙂 Margaretha!

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