Multitude Monday/Weekend in Review

Last night I had my own science class.  It seems several of my chickens have become limpy and their feet are hurting. So at my husband’s advice, I looked up chicken feet diseases, etc.  My favorite site for chickens is so I went there to search some info and, of course, got on rabbit trails looking at pictures and reading all kinds of information about what on earth is wrong with my chicken’s feet.  It would seem that they have bumblefoot.  I have never heard of such a thing, ever.  Here is another site that seems to explain it well:  Bumblefoot!| Urban Chickens.  
So today I played doctor and removed a scab from our one hen since her foot is so swollen and such a mess.  Oh Gag!  Seriously – GAG!.  I was on the verge of all kinds of nasty stuff – in my mind.  So after the scab was removed we were left with a gaping hole and I sprayed it with iodine to rinse it out, then blue-kote to use as a germicide/wound protector.  I have to get better at my cutting/wrapping skills when it comes to using vetrap.  Never heard of the stuff until last night, but I got 3 rolls of it today, along with other medical supplies.  Vetrap is awesome, just had to share that!  At least 5 of our hens have this problem and there are a few that I’m suspecting have it.  Poor things.  
We worked mostly on Crazy Comb, though I did bandage Eisenhowe and Henny Penny, too.  Crazy Comb’s foot has been swollen for a few weeks and I didn’t know what was wrong until last night.  Figured we’d get hers taken care of first.  I’ll have to watch it daily and change bandages and make sure it stays covered and cleaned and medicated.  There’s another hen I need to clean up and fix her foot after we get Crazy Comb’s on the mend.  
The internet is such a great place to find answers to questions and help figure out how to care for animals.  It’ll be a long battle, but I’m praying we’ll get them settled and they’ll be on the mend soon.  
Yesterday morning I woke with a terrible migraine.  Actually it was not a bad one at first, but as the morning went on, my head pain increased.  Such a mess.

Saturday my boys came back from church camp and oh did they have fun!  It was so nice to pick them up and bring them home!  I missed them lots. LOTS!   They are pretty exhausted from their week away, but they will recover nicely.  So sweet and sunkissed, too.  🙂  

Here are some of the many gifts:
#71.  Smiling daughter enjoying VBS
#72.  busy and productive day
#73.  first, HOT day of summer
#74.  lightening bugs (also known as fireflies)
#75.  playtime with Grace
#76.  quiet time with God
#77.  an evening alone with Eric.
#78.  delicious steaks on the grill
#79.  Dining out with Eric and Grace
#80.  Patchwork of sunlight coming through the trees
#81.  Excedrin for Migraine headaches. a true blessing!
#82.  A restful night of sleep Saturday night.
#83.  boys that came home from a week of church camp- how I missed them!
#84.  a patient husband
#85.  medicine for chicken’s feet
#86.  cable internet has come to our home in the woods
Yay for faster internet!!
This has been a week full of blessings and gifts that God
saw fit to give me.  It’s amazing.  

2 thoughts on “Multitude Monday/Weekend in Review

  1. Hi Emily. Every week I try to look at the two blog posts on either side of mine on the Holy Experience “Multitude” community. This week, one of them was in French, and yours is the other! What fun to find your blog. Indeed His mercies are new every morning (even this one) and I pray that He will uphold you with His grace today.

  2. Hi Emily. I am new to blogging and to the Holy Experience community. Every week, I try to look at the two blogs on either side of mine. This week, one is in French, and the other is yours! What fun to find your blog and to be reminded of His mercies anew every morning, even this one. May you dwell richly in His grace today!
    ~Julie @

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